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James Johnsen, Director and Head of Private Clients at Church House, explains in his words how we help investors achieve financial well-being. 

Their needs, our focus

Investing money is not only about shares, bonds, funds and portfolios.

It begins with establishing what the client wishes to achieve, whilst also listening to them describe their current circumstances, including any key needs.

A proven pathway to prosperity

Over many years in business, we have fine-tuned a process which helps us to deliver suitable investment recommendations.

As mentioned above, it begins with getting to know the client and as part of that exercise we will establish their level of investment experience, investible wealth and preferred time horizon. Critical to ensuring we meet their expectations is assessing their personal tolerance for investment risk and also understanding how they might be impacted by a loss of capital. After analysing any existing investments, we will produce a personalised proposal, which will outline our proposed investment recommendation, including how it will help the client achieve their objectives and the costs involved.


Understanding their expectations

Critical to any investment recommendation is understanding an investor's tolerance for risk and capacity for loss.

We use our years of experience to help inexperienced investors understand the key principles of risk vs reward. For those with more knowledge, we act as a sounding board for their views. In our addition to these discussions, we use an online risk assessment service to help support this decision making process. This questionnaire-based system produces risk profile reports based on intelligence and innovation from the University of Oxford. 

Learn about Oxford Risk

Range of Investment Accounts

Optimise the tax efficiency of investments

Maximising investment returns to support our client's financial goals is a key part of our approach.

Whilst we are not tax advisers, as part of an investment recommendation, we can propose tax-efficient investments accounts such as Individual Savings Accounts, Self-Invested Personal Pensions and Offshore Bonds. Providers are selected from a small panel, details of which are available on request.

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