Which Church House Fund suits your requirements?

Looking for low risk, low volatility?

The Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund suits those looking to retire and wanting to drawdown.

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Looking to moderate portfolio volatility?

The Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund suits those looking to mitigate risk in model portfolios.

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Looking to invest in credit markets?

The Investment Grade Fixed Interest Fund suits those interested in fixed income.

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Looking for investment opportunities within the UK?

The UK Equity Growth Fund focuses on high quality UK companies.

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Looking for growth opportunities within small UK companies?

The UK Smaller Companies Fund invests a portfolio of 35/40 investments with a focus on UK companies (incorporated or domiciled in the UK) with a market capitalisation in the range £250 million to £2 billion.

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Looking to maximise global opportunities?

The Esk Global Equity Fund works for growth investors, looking to invest in equities across the globe.

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Looking to grow capital and deliver a rising income at the same time?

Our Balanced Equity Income Fund has had a proven track record with continuous good performance.

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The Church House range of funds

We offer a series of six funds all with varying objectives making them ideal portfolio holdings or individual investments.

When Church House was first set up in 1999, we used the funds as building blocks for our own private client portfolios. Now we have also made them available to other investment professionals, such as Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers. The range includes our award winning Tenax Absolute Return Strategies and specialist Investment Grade Fixed Interest funds. 

Our fund management team is led by James Mahon and Jeremy Wharton, as joint Chief Investment Officers. Click here for fund manager biographies. 

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Origins in client portfolios

Many funds were designed to meet specific investor objectives

Full transparency

Investors have full visibility over where their money is invested

Value focused

Equity investing is centred on identifying pricing opportunities

Risk control

Proven disciplines are in place to manage volatility

Choice of investment options

Open to direct investors, discretionary managed clients and investment professionals

Range of resources

Regulatory documents, marketing materials and investment professionals factsheets

How to invest


Financial Advisers, wealth managers and other professionals will find our funds listed on a wide range of retail platforms and they also appear on the main fund trading exchanges. A full list of the platforms we support is available using the link below.

Direct Investors

We also have arrangements in place for individuals who want to invest directly without either our wealth planning or portfolio management services. For more information including full instructions, please use the link below.

Platforms and direct investing

Our Funds

Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund

Providing a straightforward approach to Absolute Return investing

Investment Grade Fixed Interest Fund

Offering a credit investment strategy focused on quality

Esk Global Equity Fund

Maximising global opportunities for growth investors

UK Equity Growth Fund

Seeking value to drive returns in line with expectations

UK Smaller Companies Fund

Seeking capital growth from investment into UK smaller companies

Balanced Equity Income Fund

Aiming to grow capital and deliver a rising income

Contact us

To discuss your requirements, or to find out more about our funds and services, please contact us:

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Intermediary Sales

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  • s.liddle@church-house.co.uk

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Intermediary Sales

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