Environmental Social Governance policy

At Church House, we look to invest in companies that demonstrate a strong willingness and determination in carrying out positive ESG practices, Ultimately, we aim to guide companies along the path to create a more sustainable society.

We have created our own checks, which form part of our investment process, discussing ESG issues in our daily investment team meetings. An important part of this is ongoing engagement with companies, in order to drive positive changes in ESG practices.

We recognize that the materiality of ESG issues and opportunities vary by company and sector, and view ESG as a positive risk mitigator. This promotes investment in high quality businesses, having a positive effect on company fundamentals and the long-term interests of shareholders as well as the wider community and environment. 

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UK Stewardship Code 2020

We abide by the UK Stewardship Code 2020, and intend on being part of the first list of signatories to the 2020 Code in 2021.

The Code focuses on enhancing long-term returns to shareholders via improvements in the quality and level of engagement between investors and companies. Our primary responsibility is, and has always been, to our clients, managing their affairs to the best of our abilities in accordance with their wishes. Active management of the securities in which we invest, on behalf of our clients, is integral to our approach, with the purpose of safeguarding and increasing value for our clients.

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