Unrivalled support

What makes professional investing easier is support you can rely on. We offer dedicated Relationship Managers and access to key members of the Investment Team.

Full transparency

Clarity over where money is invested and the associated costs helps support informed decision making

Maximising returns, minimising costs

Portfolio management charges are not applied to holdings in Church House funds, which not only maximises returns but also reduces VAT

Expertise in fixed interest investing

Significant experience and extensive market access combine to provide a valuable specialism

Lengthy track record

Over 15 years of running risk-targeted multi-asset portfolios

Proven investment disciplines

To achieve the target of returns, which are consistently in line with expectations, managers need a clear philosophy and robust process.

At Church House, it begins with the avoidance of a permanent loss of capital and that extends to seeking returns through companies with strong fundamentals and prices that represent value. This is combined with strong governance, best endeavours ethical screening and sensible risk controls.

Our Investment Philosophy

Investment flexibility

Professional investment can be challenging. It helps to know that an Investment Manager is able to meet specific needs such as liability matching and that when things change they have the flexibility to respond.

Church House combines experienced multi-asset investing with specialist fixed interest capabilities to produce a range of risk-targeted portfolio solutions to meet a series of objectives.

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Supporting professional research

Church House recognises the importance of selecting an investment manager and in working with Enhance MPI Limited, we hope to help streamline that process. The information we make available to the Managed Portfolio Indices team includes company details, performance data and other useful metrics. Users of the service are then able to assess that data and compare the results against our peer group.

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