Bespoke solutions to meet your needs

There are times when investors need something that is custom designed to meet their specific requirements and circumstances.

Our Tailored Portfolio Service has been created for exactly that scenario and it is our most popular investment service. Information on our approach to charging is available here.

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Benefits of our Tailored Portfolio Service

Dedicated Relationship Managers

Each client has their own personal point of contact

Unrivalled service

Support from experienced investment administrators

Long-term track record

Over 15 years of managing diversified portfolios

Flexible portfolio design

Built on a proven framework with options for different investment risk preferences

Blend of Church House funds and complementary managers

A best of both worlds approach that is without compromise

Tax efficient investing

Management of capital gains together with access to accounts such ISAs and SIPPs

A strategic partnership

Custody, administration and technology services

Church House has a strategic relationship with Multees Investor Services, for the provision of custody, administration and technology services. This allows us to focus on what we do best, providing consistent investment returns and a truly personal service. Furthermore, it supports an improved client experience through rich reporting and online portfolio access.

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Built on the Church House fund range

Each portfolio is carefully constructed to deliver a balance of risk and reward that appeals to a range of different investor preferences.

This is achieved by skilfully blending our funds, in varying proportions, in order to provide the best chance of producing returns in line with expectations. The process is based on the expertise of our investment team together with 15-years’ experience of operating diversified portfolios.

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Our investment philosophy

An important consideration for anyone selecting an investment manager is the philosophy that guides their decision making. Across are the key features of the Church House approach.

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Avoiding the permanent loss of capital

We consider the principal risk facing investors is not volatility but the permanent loss of capital

Investing with the same care and attention as if the money was our own

Never losing sight of the fact that the money we invest is of the utmost importance to those who have entrusted us with it

Process but not for process sake

Best practice and regulation dictate that robust processes are a pre-requisite for delivering returns in line with investors' expectations. We balance that by not over-engineering our business and working to tried and tested methodologies in the belief that a straightforward approach is best

Client focus

The investment team stays in touch with the needs of investors by working closely with our relationship managers and providing support for meetings with clients

Proven principles over predictions

Our approach is one based on selecting individual investments based on their quality, suitability and value, within a disciplined risk framework

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To discuss your requirements, or to find out more about our funds and services, please contact us:

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Intermediary Sales

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Matthew Goodsir Business Development Manager

Intermediary Sales

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