Portfolio architects

The provision of an investment portfolio service starts with designing solutions which appeal to a range of different investors. More than just a collection of investments, it involves finding the optimal blend of holdings to deliver results, which are line with investor expectations. 

Our expert team use tried and tested processes together with over 15 years experience of managing diversified portfolios to create a range of options. The job does not end there as it is essential that these portfolios are then regularly assessed to ensure they continue to deliver the outcomes for which they were designed.

Managed Portfolio Service

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to portfolio management. The first of our two services is designed for investors with straightforward needs and a key attraction is the low level of initial investment needed to access this offering.

Powered by award-winning technology it includes a range of portfolios, each built exclusively using our own funds. The options available appeal to different investor preferences for risk and support a series of common investment objectives. 

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