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Key strengths

The aim of the fund is to produce returns which exceed those available from cash savings at low levels of volatility. Launched in November 2007 it was initially designed as a client portfolio for an investor whose priority was to protect the value of his capital.

For Investment Professionals, RSMR has produced a comprehensive independent assessment of the fund.

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Easy access

Available across wide range of platforms

Platform coverage

Long-term track record

Tenax has a ten year plus performance history

RSMR Fund Profile

Straightforward approach

Targets returns greater than cash over rolling 12-month periods

Volatility dampener

Low volatility makes it an ideal defensive holding


Genuine multi-asset fund that delivers diversification

Independent validation

Series of industry ratings and awards

Asset TV Absolute Return Masterclass

James Mahon, co-manager of the Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund, participates in a panel debate on Absolute Return Investing run by Asset TV

James joins representatives from M&G, Jupiter & Janus Henderson to answer questions such as what is the future for Absolute Return funds and where do they fit in a clients portfolio.

Independent assessment

Tenax is an award-winning fund which holds a wide range of respected ratings

A wide variety of independent research business have rated the Tenax Absolute Return Strategies and it has also achieved several industry awards

Fund Manager Update Webinar

A recording of our July 2019 Fund Manager Update webinar for investment professionals, on the CH Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund, by co-managers James Mahon and Jeremy Wharton

They cover a range of topics including the current positioning of the fund from an asset allocation perspective, liquidity and recent trading activity. 

How to invest

In addition to being available through our Portfolio Services the funds are accessible to Investment Professionals, such as Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers, through a range of platforms. Plus individuals and instituions can make direct investments. 

What others say

Some quotes on Tenax from industry commentators and fund supporters

"The SVS Church House TENAX Absolute Return Strategies fund represents a strong option for investors looking for a multi-asset investment that prioritises capital preservation with good risk management, aiming to limit drawdownsin more difficult market conditions whilst participating in some of the upside during a more buoyant investment environment.”

July 2018

Stewart Smith - Rayner Spencer Mills Research

Investment Research Manager

The Tenax Absolute Return Strategies fund's highly effective use of diversification has allowed it to deliver excellent risk-adjusted returns over almost a decade and, as a result, it has had one of the highest Sharpe ratios in the absolute return sector since its launch. If you are looking for an extremely useful portfolio stabiliser, look no further.

April 2018

Darius McDermott - FundCalibre

Managing Director

The worst thing that you can get from an absolute return fund is no real protection in a downturn, yet missing out on any subsequent recovery. Tenax does not do that.

February 2019

Andy Merricks

Head of Investments

News and updates

Our News section features a range of articles that reference the Tenax fund

In our latest piece Sam Liddle writes for Professional Adviser about why it pays to be discerning when it comes to Absolute Return

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