Finding opportunity on foreign shores


The world of business is more global than it has ever been. Organisations enjoy access to a wide range of markets and with that flexibility comes opportunity.

The Esk Global Equity Fund allows investors to benefit from the performance of international companies in the major world markets. 

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International investing

Capitalising on the opportunities that arise from global business and international companies

Prioritising growth

Suitable for those investors seeking growth over the medium to long-term

Streamlined portfolio

The fund typically holds 55-60 stocks

Large company bias

Focus on larger organisations to support liquidity and transparency


The manager looks for high quality companies, with strong fundamentals and management

Investment companies

Occasional use of investment companies to gain broader exposure to other markets

How to invest

In addition to being available through our Portfolio Services the funds are accessible to Investment Professionals, such as Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers, through a range of platforms. Plus individuals and instituions can make direct investments.