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Launched in the year 2000, this is an equity growth fund focussed on FTSE 350 companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

It is an authorised unit trust and is UCITS regulated. The fund objective is medium to long-term capital growth and as a consequence, the income yield will be relatively low. As such, the fund favours investors whose priority is capital growth.

The fund focuses on UK equities, specifically those in the FTSE 350 and is diversified across a range of sectors. Reflecting the international nature of many London-listed companies, it also invests in overseas companies, which may make up 25-30% of its portfolio.

Retail and institutional share classes are available. See below for links to supporting documents including a factsheet. 

How to invest

Church House funds can be invested in directly by filling out an application form below. Our funds are also available across a number of fund supermarkets and life company platforms. Please view the private clients or the financial advisers pages for specific information.

You can also contact the Dealing Desk of Smith & Williamson Fund Administration Ltd. (the fund administrators) on: 0141 222 1150

If you experience any difficulties, please get in touch with Leanne Harvey, at Church House on: 01935 382620 or anyone at enquiries@church-house.co.uk and they will be able to help.

If you are a Financial Adviser please follow this link financial advisers.

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We are doing our best to get the Church House fund range onto as many as platforms as possible, as quickly as possible; however, it is often the case that a platform will want to see demand for a fund before they will list it so we would be very grateful if you could get in touch with your usual contact at the platform(s) that you use to ask them to include the Church House funds.

So that we can push things along, it would help if you could copy in s.liddle@church-house.co.uk when emailing a request to the platforms.  

All applications are made on the basis of the Prospectus, Key Investor Information Document, most recent annual or semi-annual report and the application form. Please read these carefully prior to investing. If you are unsure about the suitability of an investment please consult an authorised financial adviser.