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At Church House, we pride ourselves on the skill and diligence we devote to the charity endowments entrusted to our care. We understand that every charity is different and devote enormous resource to engaging with trustees as to the objectives of their particular foundation. It is only in this way that we feel we can properly implement an investment brief and thereby add real value.

The Church House Charity Service

Some of the most common complaints we hear, particularly from smaller charities looked after by the larger City investment houses concern: a commoditised investment approach, instability, indifference, opaque reporting or just poor service.

At Church House, by contrast, we offer:

  • A stable and consistent investment platform free from the constant upheavals endured at many City firms. Our private and independent status and the long experience of our staff we feel go a long way to safeguarding this
  • An easily-understood and transparent approach to risk management (with an audited track record going back to 1999) which trustees can rely on
  • A high degree of fund-manager and CIO access
  • A highly personalised service combined with excellent administrative support

Perhaps more importantly, what we don’t do at Church House:

  • We do not ‘sell on performance’; we leave our performance – and our proven approach to risk management - to sell us
  • We do not boast about ephemeral assets under management (“AUM”) figures; rather, we pride ourselves on the depth and longevity of our client relationships
  • We do not send a senior person in to make the presentation and leave the rest to a junior functionary
  • We do not believe in automated responses or voicemail

For charity trustees who are therefore looking for something different, we believe that Church House offer an unusually high level of skill, sophistication and dialogue, particularly to the smaller charity and institution.

Above all, we enjoy engaging with trustees at a senior level to build that mutual understanding which we believe is fundamental to a constructive and fruitful long-term relationship with a charitable foundation.

For further information, please contact any member of the Charities Team: James Johnsen, Amanda Loram or Daniel Mason.



We work with a small number of charitable and other causes, usually related to our clients and the communities with which we engage. We therefore have a carefully considered programme of support in place from which we rarely deviate, mainly because of commitments given, often for a period of three years or more. We find this  the most beneficial way of working with charitable organisations and are proud of the support we have been able to give to organisations varying from the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance to Afghan Connection. Requests for one-off donations or short-term sponsorships are therefore rarely successful.

Budgets for the forthcoming calendar year are set in October. Due to the number received, requests sent by e-mail are unlikely to receive a response.

Applications in writing should be made by October 31st to James Johnsen at our head office in Sherborne.